We thank all those who are giving their support to Triennale Milano with their donations.

Art Bonus

What is it?

Pursuant to Art. 1 of Decree Law No. 83 of 31.5.2014, "Urgent provisions for the protection of the cultural heritage, development of culture and relaunch of tourism", converted with amendments into Law No. 106 of 29/07/2014, as amended and supplemented, a tax credit was introduced for monetary donations in support of culture and entertainment, as a support of patronage in favour of the cultural heritage.

Those who make monetary donations to support culture, as provided for by law, may thus enjoy a tax credit of 65% of the amount donated.

What is it for?

Contributions paid using the Art Bonus to La Triennale di Milano Foundation are used to support restoration and maintenance work on the Palazzo dell'Arte.

Contributions paid using the Art Bonus to CRT/Teatro dell'Arte are used to support the characteristic activity of the Foundation.

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What is it and what is it for?

Those with business income may make recourse to the deductibility provided for by the TUIR (Consolidated Income Tax Code) as indicated in Art.100(2)(m). Contributions paid with TUIR deduction will support the typical activities of La Triennale di Milano Foundation and CRT Foundation/Teatro dell'Arte.

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